The Coach


Helen Dos Santos is qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner.

She is also qualified to Master Level as a Coach, Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapist, all of which are certified through the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Combining over 30 years of experience of working with senior executives and directors, with project and change management skills, she has an excellent understanding of the business environment across both private and public sectors and has worked for local, national and international organisations within the United Kingdom and Africa.

Helen’s experience of working with individuals has varied from increasing confidence levels and traditional coaching to working with rape and physically abused victims, individuals abused in their childhood and people who have tried to take their own lives.  She has supported teenagers self-harming, suffering with suicidal thoughts, depression and doubt about their sexuality.

Professionally and personally I thrive in seeing someone develop into a greater version of themselves and having the privilege of supporting them on their journey knowing that my actions, words and support will empower and improve an individual’s life.

My Story

I grew up and got married in Zimbabwe.  I trained as a secretary and at 22 found myself working for the managing director of an international company based in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city.

Around the time my husband and I were planning our wedding we recognised the country we loved was falling into disarray and our safety was threatened on a daily basis.  At the age of 26 we moved from Zimbabwe to the UK with only £200 each in our pockets.   We were not poor, but that was all the Zimbabwe Government would grant us to emigrate.  On arrival in the UK in 1990 (in the middle of a recession) I commenced a temporary secretarial role within 4 days, and over the next 5 years was made redundant 4 times.  When I left Zimbabwe I hardly knew what the word redundancy meant!    I vowed to myself I was never going to let someone else control my life again.

It was in the mid 1990s I came across NLP for the first time and I realised how powerful the tools and techniques were, and I envied the woman I met who was a qualified NLP Master.  I can recall thinking what an honour it would be to hold that title.  I never thought I could not achieve it….but I could not see how I would either.

On qualifying as an NLP Master and Coach my life has changed.  I have more drive, energy, vigour and determination than ever before.  I have achieved all my business goals in shorter timescales than I had set myself.

I love helping others to get the best out of themselves and make a difference to their lives.  And I feel I can do that because I understand what it feels like to have no drive, feel stuck in a rut, and to have no goals in sight.   So I have worked hard at being the best version of myself and I would now describe my life as brilliant!