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Do you want to improve your “lot in life”?  Are you trying to get ahead in your career with little success?  Has your personal life become routine?  Are you starting to feel weary, tired, exhausted and stressed, as though life does not have much to offer?  Do you want an opportunity to build on your potential to develop personally, to set and achieve goals and make positive changes in your life – but just not sure where to find help?

Coaching can assist you in being the best that you can be in both your career and your family life.  Providing you with an opportunity to gain insights into what really motivates you, understand what values you place on achieving your ambitions in life and helping you realise your full potential.

Some of the benefits of coaching for you would include:

BlackTick Improved confidence and self drive

BlackTick Better communication skills and improved relationships

BlackTick Higher levels of motivation and self belief

BlackTick Greater self-awareness and improved levels of responsibility

BlackTick Develop and enhance personal performance

BlackTick An openness to new ideas and challenges

BlackTick Increased levels of personal commitment

BlackTick Greater clarity in planning head

BlackTick Builds up your resilience to bounce back when the going gets tough

BlackTick Improved work / life balance

For less than the cost of a family holiday, coaching could give you a new direction, feel more energetic and less stressed, leaving you feeling more in control and confident about your life.

After an initial free consultation, a bespoke coaching programme is designed to suit you.     Coaching sessions can be arranged within business hours, evenings or weekends.  Sessions can be conducted at our premises in Staffordshire, and can vary from approximately one hour, with half and full breakthrough day sessions being optional.

Coaching can assist in other aspects of your life – also see Health & Wellbeing

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire with close links to Birmingham, Manchester and the East Midlands, Horizons Coaching is a service that can be delivered at your premises or our own.