Success Stories

This is the second time I have seen Helen and yet again she worked her magic. The first time I meet Helen was back in 2016 when I was probably at the lowest point in my life. The first meeting we discussed all the issues I had, which was a lot from the past and childhood.  She arranged a full days session with me. On the day I was very apprehensive as to how one full day could change the issues I have been struggling with for over 30 years. How wrong was I. In the morning there was a lot of tears and realisation which made things a lot more clearer.  After lunch Helen did some timeline therapy with me followed by hypnotherapy.  It was a very emotional and tiring day.  Did it help?  I can truly say yes it did in fact it changed my life, the way I think and look at things, how to handle situations and for me to get back to being me again.

Over the past few months I haven’t been feeling to good but put it down to January blues and cold dark days. But I soon noticed the changes in me, my anxiety and worrying, not been able to sleep and feeling low.  So I contacted Helen explained my situation and made an appointment to see her. This time it was just for 90 minutes. S he chatted to me about how I can handle and look at different problems in my life.  Did some exercises and hypnotherapy with me and yet again I left her office feeling much more relaxed and in control of my life.  Helen is an amazing lady and fantastic at her job and I can’t thank her enough.  She’s always in my thoughts and I do talk about her amazing work to my friends and colleagues about what she’s done to my life and how she can help others.  If it wasn’t for Helen I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today and I am eternally grateful for that.

Donna Greaves



A member of staff was experiencing difficulties in their personal life which led to them being booked off sick by their GP. Helen provided just three sessions and I firmly believe without this intervention my member of staff would have been off work for a considerable length of time. She now describes herself as feeling amazing and like a new person.

Mrs R Lee
Sneyd Green Primary School



An event happened in my life which spiralled me into a deep and dark depression. After being an extrovert, self assured and confident in my abilities my whole life, I found my self very introverted and questioning everything as nothing seemed real anymore. Prior to attending a breakthrough day I really didn’t think there was any clear way forward, I was at the lowest point in my life. I had been through a lot of forced and difficult changes in a relatively short time and subsequently diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Even after an initial phone call with Helen it felt like a weight had started to lift, and that there was someone who understood when I explained how I felt. Well meaning friends can only offer so much, but with Helen it was different.

After my initial consultation I decided on the breakthrough day as I believed it was the best option for my circumstances, I had felt low for so long I was afraid of what I might do. The breakthrough day was the best decision I had made. After discussing everything in depth with Helen and learning to use the tools she taught me to tackle a recurring theme in my head, I felt so much better. Initially I was unsure, but after a nights rest, subconsciously something had shifted in my mind and I felt so much more relaxed and able to cope. This then enabled me to start moving forward and accepting things.

I am now in so much more of a better place. I have made certain changes in my life which are the result of talking things through with Helen. I am now much more of the person I used to be. Before the breakthrough day I had lost 2 stone in weight and could not sleep. I am now back to my normal weight and back into a fitness regime. Prior to seeing Helen I would have probably been very sceptical about all of this, but when you are at rock bottom you will try anything. It certainly worked for me and has given me a new found respect for the power of the mind. I cannot recommend Helen enough for all that she has done for me.

Ian (ex-military)



I had timeline therapy with Helen and what a life changing experience this has been! Firstly Helen is very calming and re assuring and explains everything very clearly, I felt very comfortable in her presence. The therapy itself was amazing, I knew that there was something that was holding me back in my professional life but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Timeline therapy is very unobtrusive and I didn’t have to share any of my past experiences with Helen and the issues became aware to me as we progressed through the session. Afterwards I felt like I had just taken off a big backpack that had been filled with emotional baggage and let it drift away, I felt so much lighter and freer and since then I have so much more energy and feel that there is nothing holding me back, I am much more productive and no longer put things of, I can just get things done, already I am taking great leaps to grow my business and it feels great, thank you so much Helen!

Louise Howard



“Helen at Horizons Coaching, has provided a professional and confidential service towards supporting staff wellbeing at our school.”

Jonathon May, Headteacher Watermill School

“The confidential coaching sessions have had a huge impact on my self confidence and have enabled me to accept challenges and begin to make steps towards positive life changes”

A member of the school’s staff



As a confident, independent and assertive person both in my personal and professional life for many years, I found myself at an all time low following the death of my father, also experiencing a range of other personal difficulties and, if that were not enough, working in a systemic bullying culture over several years following key changes in senior management at work almost destroyed my confidence to do my job. I was depressed, anxious and tearful for most of the time… Read more

When I reflect back on who I was before my breakthrough day with Helen and who I am now; I can hardly believe the change. To have finally recognised the source of so much unhappiness and anger and let it go is nothing short of a miracle. I am no longer carrying my past with me like a heavy yoke around my neck. I feel myself flourishing into the person I was always meant to be rather than the person I had been moulded into by circumstance. I am at peace with myself and the world and feel like I have been woken up from a bad dream. I see the world differently and react to difficult situations in a new way. The impact of the change on my family has been more than just positive, it is (and continues to be) a healing experience of love, peace and joy. With regards to my business, I am no longer laden with doubt and invite success into my life rather than fear it. I have so much gratitude to both my mother for sending me to Helen and to Helen for gently freeing me from the person I had become and reawakening the person  I was always mean to be. I am unreservedly happy today and that is a miracle… a gift.




Prior to the Breakthrough Day I found I was in a deep mire of depression whilst also trying to build my business, but finding that my confidence, self esteem and image were at an all time low.  I had been prescribed anti depressants and had had two sessions with a specialist – none of which helped.  After just one session with Helen I started to feel change taking place.

This has been a life changing journey and it is due to the coaching that my business has grown further, enabling me to make better choices in projects, make sound business decisions, as well as manage my time more effectively.   Six months ago I decided to also address my weight and image issues and have now lost two and half stone and feel amazing – now I am at the gym 3 to 4 times a week, eat healthy and my insomnia is a thing of the past.

The changes within me over a short period of time have been an utter revelation even my family and friends have noticed a difference.  I have Helen to thank for helping me through my journey of self-discovery.  I would highly recommend this insightful, empathetic, as well as sympathetic lady to anyone who is struggling with their inner negative emotions which I recognise now, have held me back from moving forward with my life.

Managing Director
Melrose Art Studio



Before the breakthrough day I was tearful, had no confidence, felt numb due to my medication, lacked energy and felt that any sort of future did not exist.  I was also struggling to function as an effective manager.   Since the breakthrough day I feel happy, fully of energy and I feel I have a future to look forward to.  I no longer have a need to take the medication originally subscribed to me.  I would like you to know what an enormous difference you have made to my life.  Thank you Helen you have re-awakened me and I feel I can never repay you.

J.S.  Manager, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire



I was off work for 5 months with stress, anxiety & severe depression and was apprehensive about returning to work.  The biggest impact that the coaching has helped with is my confidence levels and my ability to now achieve my goals and deal with difficult situations in context.  I am back at work in a new job and have a totally new outlook on life with greater coping strategies.  I had no great expectations from the coaching but it was a brilliant experience for me and has literally changed my life.

 J.M. Administrator, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire



Due to a stressful situation in my personal life I was considering seeking a lower graded position with less stress in order to cope better.  My self-esteem and self-worth were at an all time low.  I realise I have been able to overcome a real struggle to forgive myself for a situation that has troubled me all my life, so to be able to see this situation with more clarity and understanding now is amazing.  In addition, I have remained in my current role with ease and confidence.  Having had just two sessions with Helen I have regained a feeling of well-being, confidence in my abilities and a raised awareness of my own self-worth.

C.C. Secretary, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire



The coaching did meet my expectations, much more than I thought it would.  Thank your for everything you have done, as I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help, tips and strategies to get me through a very difficult time.  You treated me with dignity and respect and believed in me, so your help was invaluable.   I’ve learnt to trust myself and believe in myself more.  I no longer think that I can’t do things, but am much more confident and feel happy about the future.  I didn’t feel happy before – the future looks very different now and I’m hopeful.

EC, Student, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire