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Is business just ticking over?  Could sales and turnover be improved?  Are Management and staff putting in long hours, a lot of effort for little return on the bottom line?  Could the company performance be improved?  Is your business keeping up with the competition or lagging behind?  Wouldn’t you prefer for your organisation to be the market leader?  Coaching could be the solution to re-motivating and energising you and the workforce within your company.

In today’s world of uncertainty and a cut throat working environment, everyone needs to be the best version that they can be, and more importantly, stand head and shoulders above the crowd.  That applies from the Chief Executive to the most junior of staff.  Coaching can help individuals tap into their full potential which in turn will increase business productivity.   Coaching is transforming people and organisations, no matter how large or small.

The benefits of coaching to the organisation:

BlackTick Promotes full use of employee’s talents / potential

BlackTick Improved organisational performance / productivity

BlackTick Demonstrates organisations commitment to employees and their development

BlackTick Intrinsically motivates employees

BlackTick Facilitates the adoption of change in management style and cultural change in the organisation

BlackTick Greater working relationships with clients and colleagues

BlackTick Reduced staff turnover (therefore reduction in costs)

The benefits of coaching to the employee:

BlackTick Develop and enhance personal performance

BlackTick Improved confidence and self drive

BlackTick An openness to new ideas and challenges

BlackTick Increased levels of organisational commitment

BlackTick Aids identification of solutions to work-related issues

BlackTick Better communication skills

BlackTick Greater clarity in roles and objectives

BlackTick Higher levels of motivation and energy

BlackTick Shared vision and commitment

BlackTick Greater self-awareness and improved levels of responsibility

BlackTick Improved presentation skills

Coaching within the business place is about developing skills and knowledge, breaking down barriers so that job performance improves, leading to the achievement of organisational objectives and vision.  Sessions target performance goals and the options to achieving them resulting in an improvement within the business environment.

In most organisations, staffing is the largest bill, and is therefore the biggest investment.  Recruiting staff is known to cost approximately 20% of the first years’ salary of a new employee, and can be risky if the appointment does not prove successful.  It costs much less to coach current employees within the organisation who show signs of potential for development.   Surely it is worth investing in your own staff?   Multiple studies show that organisations investing in coaching are achieving high percentages of returns on their investment.

After an initial free consultation, a bespoke coaching solution is designed to suit your business needs either working with individuals or teams, either on short or long term contracts.   The programme can be within business hours, evenings or weekends.  Sessions can be conducted either at your premises or ours in Staffordshire, and can vary from approximately one hour, with half and full breakthrough days sessions being optional.

Employees who suffer with stress, depression, anxiety, or have suffered a bereavement, often have increased absence from work.  Our coaching techniques have a high success rate in getting employees back to work, benefiting the company by saving sick pay and preventing the need to backfill to ensure capacity is not hindered.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire with close links to Birmingham, Manchester and the East Midlands, Horizons Coaching is a service that can be delivered at your premises or our own.