What makes great people so great?  Why do some people start with nearly nothing and yet achieve so much?  Why do others just seem to stand still?  What is the difference that makes the difference?

Doing the same things over and over again just means you’ll get the same result!  To bring about change to your life and your future, you need to change the way you think.  Horizons Coaching can help you achieve this by offering a service that can bring about that difference in people providing an enormous positive impact on their life.

Many people find it hard to know how to begin the process of changing their life and achieve their goals.  Lack of self belief, low levels of confidence, negative thinking and personal issues all play their part.  Unwarranted emotional outbursts of anger, feelings of sadness, anxiety or fear can also hinder you from achieving a good quality of personal and work life.  An NLP coach can assist you to gain control over your emotions.

Combining coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and the latest developments of Time Line Therapy techniques create a revolutionary and powerfully effective avenue for creating lasting change in all aspects of your life.  Coaching raises awareness and promotes an increased sense of personal responsibility

Your goals may seem thousands of miles away, but “a journey of a thousand miles beings with the first step “(Lao Tzu).  Take that first step on a coaching journey that could change your life.  Contact Horizons Coaching now

Below is a client Statement from some recent work..

“After hearing about my irrational fear of tuna on Signal 1’s breakfast show, Helen got in touch and came to meet me. I can’t express how amazed I have been at the progress I have made since meeting with Helen.

We spent just over an hour together. Helen made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, and went through various methods with me. After an hour I started to feel my fears subside.

I have now faced my fears and feel very positive about moving forward. Thank you so much to Helen. It really is amazing what she has done!”

Jennie Longdon
Signal 1 Presenter
Signal 1